Post-Wedding Photoshoot – Why is it the best idea?

Why a post-wedding photoshoot?
For so many reasons! 

A rising trend, and one I love to suggest to my wedding clients, is to have a shoot after your wedding day. That’s right, a post-wedding photoshoot. What could be more fun than dressing up again and reliving it all over with just your partner?

Think about it. At your wedding everyone is clamoring for your attention and time. Which is great, they love you and are there to support you and that’s why you’ve invited them there! And of course, you also want to hang with your guests too.

We all know weddings go by too fast. The hustle and bustle of your big day can be stressful, and can get in the way of quality time with your partner. That’s where a post-wedding photoshoot comes into play. It’s time you can take to relax while I capture you honestly and intimately. And trust me, besides all the beautiful details and some real fun pictures of your reception, that’s the most important part to remember.

A post-wedding photo shoot is kind of like enjoying an elopement after the fact. It’s just the two of you against the world now, and it’s your time to shine in your newlywed glory. A post-wedding photoshoot can allow you to get creative, get back in that dress you just invested in, and relive the magic once more. You’ll look great and feel great (so you’ll photograph beautifully!) in a special location while enjoying time together.

If you really want to make the most of your post-wedding photoshoot you can even bring a second outfit and we can visit a couple other destinations that are meaningful to you. It’s the perfect time to hit that beach that was too far from your venue. Or maybe you want to grab a coffee in your wedding dress? Why not?! And the best part–this time we can plan it around the weather and not the other way around.

So give yourself a couple extra hours of romance and fun for this once in a lifetime treat and enjoy all of the benefits of a post-wedding photoshoot.  

Take peek at this gorgeously styled shoot we did recently just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada in the Red Rock Canyon.