There are so many proposal ideas that it’s hard to know which to choose. You want to listen to your gut, but there’s a looot of pressure. Don’t worry, you are not the only one who feels this way. Before popping the question, make sure to think of what she would enjoy, get an engagement ring, and don’t forget to have a good time yourself.

One of the best ways to propose is on vacation. Weather it’s at the beach, on a walk in the woods, or at her favorite childhood get-away, the possibilities are limitless and we all feel better when we’re on a special trip. Martha’s Vineyard is a great place for it, so here are some of our proposal ideas:

1. Take her to a nice dinner at The Port Hunter in Edgartown– try their Moscow mule, it’s the best!- and then take her for a walk down by the Edgartown lighthouse… It’ll be the perfect ending of the night. Even a simple but genuine “Will you marry me?” will send chills down her spine.

2. A walk on Moshup Beach in Aquinnah is always a great idea for a romantic evening. You can prepare a nice picnic at home or just stop by The Aquinnah Shop Restaurant. If she is a dessert lover (and who isn’t), try their incredible ice cream and homemade pies. After a beautiful meal, head down to the beach. You will most likely experience stunning sunset and the perfect ambiance for special promises.

3. The following location is definitely my favorite; the beautiful candle-lit garden patio of The Sweet Life Cafe restaurant in Oak Bluffs. Get yourself a nice table next to the twinkling lights, enjoy farm fresh ingredients and don’t forget her favorite dessert! Our suggestion is the lemon poppy seed cake with rhubarb, you won’t regret it! I am sure their attentive staff will help you organize a special ring delivery for her.

However, having a photographer hiding nearby for the perfect shot is a must! Why is this such a big plus? Because it goes by in an instant!!

What you’ve been waiting and planning for lasts just a moment! You’ll want to recall every second of it because it goes by in the blink of an eye. Wouldn’t it be nice to have pictures of her reaction when you pop the question, the embrace after she says yes, and your first kiss as an engaged couple to share with those who weren’t around? Another advantage to capturing your proposal is that it might be included in the wedding photography package. And trust me, she will appreciate it!

If you are planning to propose and you are still not sure about all the details, I can help you out with making it truly personal and beautiful. This island is very inspirational and  you just have to let it show you its magic.

Furthermore, enjoy the rest of Jen & Marzell’s romantic and fun photoshoot at Aquinnah and let us know what do you think about these proposal ideas!


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