The Crane Estate Wedding

As you begin to plan your wedding, it is important to consider your personal style and the feel you want for your wedding. Are you going for a theme that is more vintage, rustic, traditional, modern, or fun? 

Dalia & Mahmoud’s Story

Dalia and Mahmoud knew they wanted their celebration to be a mix of elegant, romantic, and classic. Above all, they knew they were looking for a traditional, loving, simple feel for their day. They decorated the venue themselves, making sure to stay true to their family traditions. For their flowers, the couple worked with Fleurs Petit. Dalia is Palestinian and Mahmoud is Egyptian, and their wedding party came from all around the world to celebrate. Guests from Palestine, Israel, Egypt came together on the dance floor, performing traditional dances in elaborate dress and stunning jewelry. 

For their venue they chose the stunning Great House on The Crane Estate in Ipswich, Massachusetts. In addition to a chateau straight out of a fairytale, the 2,000+ acre estate features a beach and marshland. The land was first claimed by John Winthrop Jr, the son of the first Massachusetts Bay Colony governor, in 1637. Over the following centuries, the property changed hands undergoing renovations and updates in various styles, from Italian Renaissance Revival to Stuart style. The ultra-romantic, traditional venue set the tone for the day and imparted an elegance to the entire celebration. 

Your Wedding Style

If you are trying to define your dream wedding style and are feeling out of your depth, there are plenty of fun quizzes that can help you refine your style (and procrastinate your never-ending wedding to-do list)! The Knot has great resources for brides- and grooms-to-be, such as their Wedding Style Quiz. Junebug Weddings also offers a quiz on Which Wedding Style Best Fits Your Personality. Finally, if you’re looking for a little levity (and who isn’t?!), head on over to Buzzfeed for their What’s Your Wedding Style? quiz. Pro tip: for the question on your dream cake, there is an option to select a “cheese ‘cake,’” which is really just a stack of cheese! Decision made! 

What’s your wedding style? How did you and your partner settle on your dream theme? I’d love to hear about your process and tips for future brides and grooms!

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